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Super Sunday Links July 1, 2012

Getty Images

While David was looking at the placement of Nolan Fontana I was piecing together these links for you viewing pleasure.

The Outliers

Ultimate Astros " Despite 5-5 frame, Astros’ Altuve measures up as big-time hitter
By Zachary Levine

Will R.A. Dickey's Angry Knuckleball Change The Game? - Baseball Nation
By Rob Neyer

Polarizing Figures

On deck for Clemens: salvaging a legacy - Houston Chronicle
By David Barron

Dear Mark Cuban, Please Come Own My Baseball Team | NotGraphs Baseball
By Bradley Woodrum

Love This Game

Watching Baseball With People Who Hate Baseball: 5 Steps To Miserable Solitude - Baseball Nation
By Jon Bois

Edwin Encarnacion: Weird Baseballing T-Rex | NotGraphs Baseball
By Carson Cistulli

Going to the Farm

Appy Astros: Climbing the Ladder: A Look at the Progress of Prospects (2012 edition)
By Steve

Anatomy of a Relief Pitcher – Astros RHP Jason Stoffel " The Futurists
By Jayne Hansen

FanGraphs Prospect Stock Watch – 06/26/2012 | FanGraphs Baseball
By Marc Hulet

Minor League Prospect Notes, June 26, 2012 - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

More wonderful links after the jump.

Digging a Little Deeper

A Look at Run Expectancy and Stolen Bases in 2011 - Beyond the Box Score
By James Gentile

Pounding the Zone: Walk Rate Peripherals | FanGraphs Baseball
By Eno Sarris