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Astros Press Conference Scheduled For 3:30 PM CT To Announce Carlos Correa Signing

From Brian McTaggart via Twitter:

It appears Correa passed his physical -- like that was ever in doubt -- and that the Astros will sign the second player of their 2012 draft class. Brady Rodgers, a huge Astros fan, signed last night and will head to Kissimmee, home of the Gulf Coast League, to start his professional career then head to Tri-City for the start of short season ball.

It appears Carlos Correa will begin his professional career in the Gulf Coast League. In an article this morning MoiseKapenda Bower reported:

Correa will, according to sources, sign for $5.135 million, roughly $2 million below the amount slotted by the new collective bargaining agreement for the first overall selection.

Prior speculation had the signing bonus at $4.5-5 million, but $5.1M is still big savings on $7.2M slot bonus for the first overall pick.

I'm excited, this is a big change from the past few years where it took Astro players drafted in the first round anywhere from weeks to months to sign. Getting Correa in pro-ball so soon is only going to help his developement and allow us the chance to see what he can do professionally.