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Houston Astros Sign First 2012 MLB Draftee And Have Agreement In Place With First Overall Pick Carlos Correa

To the twitter feed!

All that it appears left to do is for Carlos Correa to come to town and complete his physical. Word is he'll be in town tomorrow, Thursday. The numbers I keep seeing reported are 4.5M to 5M which is well below the 7.2M slot. This will allow Luhnow some flexibility in reallocating some of the draft pool money to later picks that are deemed hard signs. You can read our profile of Correa here.

Update: MoiseKapenda Bower says Jeff Luhnow just said Whooaaaaa

— MoiseKapenda Bower (@moisekapenda) June 6, 2012

That wasn't the only news though, back to the twitter feed!

Brad Rodgers is a huge Astros fan so it's no surprise that he signed so quickly. He tweeted earlier that he would be attending the game tonight so look for some shots from him and maybe a visit to the broadcast booths?

I'll have my GIFatron 2000 up and running Brady so no picking your nose. You can read our profile of Brady Rodgers here.

Update: Footer just tweeted:

Rodgers will work out at GCL (Kissimmee) for a few weeks and then head to Tri-City in NY-Penn League.

In other news, Scott Boras is not pleased with how the draft went down:

"There was all forms of artificial behavior in the draft,'' Boras told USA TODAY Sports. "The purpose of the draft is that it's supposed to create parity in the game. You want teams with the greatest needs to get the best available talent."

"That has not been achieved in this draft."

"It's created a mockery.''