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MLB Draft 2012 Astros Draftee Profile: Daniel Minor, RHP, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi


I'll be honest, I haven no idea what's going on with this guy. No scouting reports, no info on how hard he throws and only one video.

From that, you can see his arm action is pretty good and he doesn't have any glaring mechanical issues to worry about. So, why did Houston take him here?

One, it's later in the draft, and they've got to get some organizational arms too. Minor is a relatively easy sign, so he'll be able to get into the system and do some things early.

But, this Caller-Times article suggests he's also got a good makeup to kind of beat the concerns about his stuff. The article claims the fastball and breaking ball are "there," but not what there means. I'm sure they're good enough to play. But, that bulldog mentality is a good sign and means Minor could transition very effectively into the back end of a bullpen some day.

I don't think that's going to be his role immediately, but I could see it happening eventually. Still, an interesting pick who could put together some good numbers at Tri-City.


If his stuff doesn't play up to the results, he won't get far. In that, I think he's similar to Jonas Dufek and Kyle Hallock from last season's draft.


Hmm...I don't want to throw anyone off, and I don't want to automatically assume anything based on his stature. So, I'm going with Andrew Bailey, who was taken out of a small school, started in the minors and became a pretty good reliever for Oakland. I'm not saying Minor is destined for the 'pen, but I think Bailey is a good comp (cept for the size).

Will he sign?

Pretty sure.

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On Sunday, Minor struck out a career-high eight Utah batters while allowing three runs, only one of them earned, on five hits over seven innings. He was masterful with his control, striking out the side in the first inning to set the tone, and walking just one batter for the second-straight game.