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MLB Draft 2012 Astros Draftee Profile: Brady Rodgers, RHP, Arizona State


Call this one what you will, but it seems like an analysis-slotted decision. Luhnow talked about how past performance for college guys was weighed heavily in their projection systems for these prospects, and I can imagine a guy like Rodgers, who put up good numbers at Arizona State, would profile well there.

He's not got an overpowering fastball, sitting 89-90 most days. But, his breaking stuff is good, and he features a screwball! Gotta love the screwball.

You can see in the video below what the scouts talk about with his delivery. It's smooth and efficient, with not a lot of moving parts and a quick move to the plate. That bodes well for him in the injury department and is probably one of the reasons why Houston tabbed him when they did.

The worst-case scenario for him is that he tops out at Triple-A as a guy who can put up decent numbers but never has the control/power to make that next step. There's a guy out of Arkansas at OKC right now who the same label could be applied to.

This isn't as big a home run as someone like McCullers or Rio Ruiz, but Rodgers has a chance to surprise. Look at what Tropeano is doing right now.


Dallas Keuchel


That all depends on if he can add power in pro ball. If he can, he's got a chance to be an innings eater who has a good feel for pitching and the breaking stuff to survive in a rotation.

Will he sign?

He is a junior, but with his stuff, I can't imagine him going back and improving his stock, so yes.

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Baseball Prospect Report

Brady Rodgers is one of these strike-throwing college right-handers who pays attention to mechanical efficiency and an up-tempo attack to compensate for fringy pro velocity.

This guy threw more fastballs than breaking balls in this look, topping out at 92 early and 87 late. I like how he approached and attacked hitters, but he needs more power to take this thing as far as it can go.

MLB Draft Countdown

Diminutive might not be the best word to describe Rodgers, but it’s doubtful that he’s really the 6’2" that ASU has listed for him on their website.

Still, as numerous Pac-10 pitchers have proved over the years, including Trevor Bauer and Tim Lincecum, size doesn’t matter as much as stuff.

Baseball America

Junior ace righthander Brady Rodgers has one of college baseball's best four-pitch mixes and perhaps the best control of any college pitcher. He attacked the zone with an 88-91 mph fastball, a quality slider at 82-85, a sharp downer curve at 73-75 and a solid 81-82 changeup in Friday's no-decision.