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Houston Astros Video Highlights From The First Round Of The 2012 MLB Draft

Astros County has already got a good link dump going with reaction and information regarding the Houston Astros' selections in yesterday's first round of the 2012 MLB Draft so I won't replicate that here. Instead what I've done is grabbed the video highlights from MLB Networks coverage of the draft.

If you want some reaction and in-depth analysis from last nights pick from us check out our live podcast recording from last nights draft.

Also, the infallible Alyson Footer has your behind the scenes look of the Carlos Correa selection from the Astros draft room.

Astros select Carlos Correa with the first pick in 2012 MLB Draft:

More highlights after the jump.

Jeff Luhnow on the Carlos Correa pick:

Carlos Correa sits down at the desk with the guys to discuss which big league players have contacted him and who he compares himself too:

The Astros select Lance McCullers with the 41st pick:

Just because it's awesome, Courtney Hawkins is so excited to be selected he does a back flip, while the White Sox faint.