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2012 MLB Draft Update: Profiles, Picks And Signing Pool Info

It's here! The Draft is finally here!
It's here! The Draft is finally here!

With the draft bearing down on us, kicking things off tonight at 6 p.m. on MLB Network, it's time to run down the essentials again.

Let's start by going over all 51 of our draft profiles, which are broken up below in terms of college/high school and pitcher/hitter. I'd like to thank all our writers for putting in the hard work to get through these and to do such an amazing job on them. This whole prep time couldn't have been nearly as successful without all their tireless work.

College Hitters College Pitchers High School Hitters High School Pitchers
John Cannon Lee Stoppelman Albert Almora Lucas Giolito
Raph Rhymes Stephen Johnson Joey Gallo Lance McCullers
Tyler Naquin Austin Dicharry Nick Williams Max Fried
Christian Walker Andrew Heaney Courtney Hawkins Walker Weickel
Preston Tucker Michael Roth Stryker Trahan Matt Smoral
Barrett Barnes Matt Price C.J. Hinojosa Mitchell Traver
Kenny Diekroeger Ross Stripling Rio Ruiz Grayson Long
Joey DeMichele Matthew Reckling Ron Miller Brett Brown
Tom Murphy Hoby Milner Corey Oswalt
Richie Shaffer Michael Wacha David Dahl
Adam Brett Walker Marcus Stroman Gavin Cecchini
Stephen Piscotty Mark Appel Carlos Correa
Deven Marrero Kyle Zimmer Trey Williams
Mike Zunino Kevin Gausman Byron Buxton
Fernando Perez

If you're wondering about the new draft rules, check out our Draft Primer from a few weeks back. It's got some good stuff about all the changes in the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement in the draft process. Here are some of the highlights, followed by the complete first round draft order (including compensatory picks).

Where do the Astros pick?

1-1, obviously, and then Houston picks at No. 41 overall (No. 10 in supplemental round), No. 61 in the second round, No. 96 in the third and then No. 129 in the fourth. After that, add 30 to the number and you've got the overall selection Houston's got in the new round.

Houston received the 41st pick for losing Type B free agent Clint Barmes to the Pirates.

Houston's bonus pool breaks down like this:

For 11 picks, Houston can spend $11,177,700.

That's $7,200,000 in the 1-1 spot

$1,258,700 in the No. 41 spot

$844,100 at No. 61

$495,200 at No. 96

$360,200 at No. 129

Here's the complete first round draft order:

1) Houston

2) Minnesota

3) Seattle

4) Baltimore

5) Kansas City

6) Chicago Cubs

7) San Diego

8) PIttsburgh

9) Miami

10) Colorado

11) Oakland

12) New York Mets

13) Chicago White Sox

14) Cincinnati

15) Cleveland

16) Washington

17) Toronto

18) Los Angeles Dodgers

19) St. Louis (from Angels)

20) San Francisco

21) Atlanta

22) Toronto (comp. pick)

23) St. Louis

24) Boston

25) Tampa Bay

26) Arizona

27) Milwaukee (from Tigers)

28) Milwaukee

29) Texas

30) New York Yankees

31) Boston (from Phillies)

Compensation Round

32) Minnesota

33) San Diego

34) Oakland

35) New York Mets

36) St. Louis

37) Boston

38) Milwaukee

39) Texas

40) Philadelphia

41) Houston

42) Minnesota

43) Chicago Cubs

44) San Diego

45) Pittsburgh

46) Colorado

47) Oakland

48) Chicago White Sox

49) Cincinnati

50) Toronto

51) Los Angeles Dodgers

52) St. Louis

53) Texas

54) Philadelphia

55) San Diego

56) Chicago Cubs

57) Cincinnati

58) Toronto

59) St. Louis

60) Toronto