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BREAKING: Carlos Lee To Decide Whether Or Not To Be Traded To Los Angeles Dodgers

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According to tweets by both Brian McTaggart and Zachary Levine the ball is in Carlos Lee's court on whether or not to accept a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers.The Dodgers have made an offer and Lee has asked for time to make a decision.

No word on the details of the deal but as Levine pointed out in his article last night Los Angeles Dodgers prospect, pitcher, Garret Gould was scratched from his start against Lancaster.

Carlos Lee is in the lineup today against the Cubs. Start time is 3:05 PM CDT.

EDIT 12:00PM: Levine just tweeted that Carlos Lee doesn't have a deadline to make a decision. So I wouldn't hold your breath.

Brian McTaggart has his own details, including quotes from Carlos Lee:

Lee did confirm the Dodgers have made an offer for the 36-year slugger.

“L.A. has made an offer,” he said. “I just told Jeff I want to see my options. I just want to wait and see what my options are.”

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More details, reaction and analysis to come.