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Astros 3-AGHH Against Padres

No, this picture doesn't have anything to do with the game. You got something against cute dogs? (Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images)
No, this picture doesn't have anything to do with the game. You got something against cute dogs? (Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images)
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In my cute little title, I hope you see that the part that says 3-AGHH actually means 3-7, which was the score of the game. Also, I hope you enjoyed the cute little doggie photo I included on the side. I know, that's such a cute dog. Anyway, I'm sure you're interested in reading the recap of the game that I have to offer. Really, do I have to do that? Another boring recap? Seriously, if you want the box score, you'll go to If you want analysis, I'm your dude. So, in an effort to spice things up and make this recap a bit more unique, I'm going to add a feature called Information Black Hole, which is a section of the recap that's no different than what I usually do, except there's a bit more information and analysis all condensed in a smaller section.

Information Black Hole:

Dallas Keuchel got the start. Pitched effectively and held runners on base, esp. in bases loaded situation in 6th inning. Problems, threw too many balls and had to leave after 6th inning. Needs to control and command better esp. with the repertoire he has. Threw a few curveballs that looked like promising out pitches in the future. Currently outperforming his FIP (6.23 in today's game, 4.35 over first two starts) with a 95.6 LOB%. His minor league FIP is 3.06 this year so regression in ERA or FIP could be possible over next few starts.

Rhiner Cruz received his first relief appearance in nearly 2 weeks. Pitching a scoreless outing, he may see more time in the near future in close game situations. With nearly the whole bullpen collapsing all at once, it may be beneficial to use Rhiner Cruz in traditional set-up roles to see if he can replicate and improve up the success he had early on in the season. Wilton Lopez, the Astros' most reliable relief pitcher is out until at least the All-Star break.

Brian Bogusevic hit a then important 2-run home-run on a line drive to the 2nd deck in RF, raising the score to 3-1 with the Astros on the winning side. With excellent defense in RF and a bat that produces on a somewhat inconsistent basis, Bogusevic provides value. Don't expect his job to be taken away, unless his offensive performance dips so low that a compromise in defensive value for offensive value is actually worth it. In that case, F-Mart would probably be the guy for that.

Jordan Schafer with another 0-4 day with 3 strikeouts. Now that Justin Maxwell is out of the picture for the next month or so, Brandon Barnes is making an attractive option for the CF job. With Schafer's only asset keeping him in the starting lineup being his defense and lack of other candidates currently on the 40-man roster to play CF, Brandon Barnes is making an attractive option for the CF job. Barnes has a well above average 23.6% line drive percentage in the minors this year, with a ground-ball rate at 39.6%. A red flag that pops up is his 69.4 contact percentage and his 50.6% swing percentage, both of which are worse than Schafer's respective values of 75.6% and 44.6%. We'd likely see a similar swing-and-miss pattern with Barnes compared to Schafer. However, Barnes does edge Schafer in power numbers, and that in comparison to Schafer could be worth warranting a callup. At the very least, the two could form platoon partners.

To add him to the 40-man roster, the Astros could designate for assignment Jorge De Leon, who is currently having a terrible season. Such a loss would not be significant if De Leon is acquired by another team since De Leon has made no progress in development.

Brett Myers gave up 5 runs in a catastrophic meltdown. CJ got his 2nd error of the game in the most inopportune part of the game where a double play would have earned the save, but instead allowed a run to score in a 1-run game. After a batter singled and with the bases loaded, Myers proceeded to hit a batter, which scored the tying run. Shortly after, Myers gave up a grand slam to RF, ending, for all practical purposes, the game.


Scott Moore made his Astros debut with J.R. Towles' old #46. He got a groundball single in his 3rd plate appearance of the game.