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2012 MLB Draft Profile: Deven Marrero, SS, Arizona State University (AZ)


Deven Marrero is one of those guys with unquestionable defense, but has a bat that will need some developing in order for him to make it to the majors. He has good instincts in the infield, with moderate speed that allows him to have good range at the position. He's a relatively safe pick with his defense only needing a bit more focus in avoiding silly errors, and his bat isn't far off. All he really needs to do is focus on pitch selection and improve his knowledge of the strikezone. He doesn't project to hit for much power as a pro, but is expected to hit for doubles and average with his line-drive swing that doesn't have much lift.

In his past 3 seasons at Arizona State, he's hit .397, .319, and .279 respectively from his freshman year to his junior year. He generally has struck out 1/8th of his plate appearances, and walked only around 20 times each season in about 200 plate appearances. This year he has 11 doubles, 3 triples, and 4 homers in 208 at-bats.


If his bat never comes around, he could end up like Wladimir Sutil who was in the Astros farm system last year; A guy with good defense, but not the bat to take him to the next level.


At his peak, he could be a .300 hitter with 10-15 homers and gold-glove defense at SS. But probably profiles as an average SS with not a lot of power.

Projected Draft Round:

He certainly isn't a candidate to go 1-1, but he won't be available to go at pick #41. He is expected by many to go in the teens in the first round.

Will he sign?

As a Junior in college, there's a chance he could go back to play his senior year. But with 3 years under his belt already and a chance to go early in the first round, he'll most likely sign.

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Marrero's defensive abilities are what jump out first as there is no question he will be a shortstop at the next level. He'll be plus on that side of the ball -- arm, hands and range -- and it plays up even more because of his baseball instincts. He's not glove only, though, and he's improved since coming out of high school when his bat was somewhat in question. Marrero is a line-drive gap hitter, with the potential to develop some power in the future. While he's only an average runner, those instincts help him be an excellent baserunner. While his swing has been long in the past and his pitch selection isn't always top notch, it's not too much of a cause for concern. He has the chance to be a very good every-day shortstop. If the bat develops even more, he could be an impact player in the big leagues.

Baseball Prospect Nation

True baseball rat. Incredible instincts in the field and on the bases. Grinder type with better tools than you’d expect. Has tools to play shortstop at the MLB level. Needs to improve hitting approach and pitch recognition. With said improvements, could be a .280 hitter that can handle the bat and drive the ball into the gaps. Potential #2 hitter with a touch of speed and pop in his game. Overall profile plays up because of long term defensive projection and value at a premium defensive position. Excellent makeup. Potential average to slightly above-average Major League regular.

Very good defender. Exceptional footwork with tremendous first-step quickness and range. Understands pre-pitch positioning and excels at it. Moves very well to both sides. Soft hands with good extension up the middle and a good backhand in the hole. Max-effort defender with plus-plus baseball IQ that helps his raw skills play up a tick. Rare college shortstop that can stick there as a pro. Improved focus on each play will help avoid silly errors.


Note from this following video. Baseball looks much more real with the game recorded at 60 frames per second rather than the lowly 30 fps.