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2012 MLB Draft Profile: Trey Williams, 3B, HS (California)


I hate to admit bias, but Trey Williams is one of my favorite draft prospects from this draft. I've been high on this kid since last summer. Could it be that he fills an organizational need of a high ceiling third base prospect who projects to be an offensive force with legitimate power? Possibly. But, in all seriousness, this kid has it all. He even has MLB blood lines as he's the son of former MLB first baseman Eddie Williams.

At first sight, Williams immediately catches your eye as a physical specimen with his height and broad shoulders that shows an ability to carry lots of lean muscle. To add to the positives, he is leaner than I remembered from last summer.

At the plate, his bat speed stands out. John Klima of Baseball Prospect Report witnessed him catch up to a 94-95 MPH fastball from LHP prospect Max Fried on the first pitch of the AB. He has very strong and quick wrists which allow him to sit on pitches just a little longer and still make solid hard contact. His frame and strong wrists scream power potential and Williams has the swing plane to allow for that projection. Another quality to point out is that he is a very mature hitter with patience. Baseball America has even said he is patient to a fault.

In the field, his arm strength really stands out. He has the arm for sure, but needs a little mechanical work to become more accurate. He is well coached at this point in his career and has good footwork, but looks too mechanical. Overtime, he should get more comfortable and improve in the field, but as of right now, he has all the tools to handle the hot corner.


Despite having great hands, wrists, and forearms, Williams doesn't project to be a .300 hitter, so he could never really hit enough. He could also struggle to keep his range as he continues to grow. So, you could end up seeing a guy that has to move to 1B or LF with a low batting average and 10-15 HR's. That kind of prospect doesn't make it out of the minors, but that's the risk you take with HS athletes.


You're looking at an All-Star type player if everything works out. I can see him hitting around .280 consistently, but because of his plate discipline, he could be a .350+ OBP type hitter. Power wise, I think his ceiling is probably in the range of 30 homers. Not bad at all. Defensively, his ceiling would be a little above average because his range isn't phenomenal, but is definitely solid.

Projected Draft Round

Williams is expected to anywhere from the mid-1st round to late 2nd round. He's rated anywhere from a top 15 prospect for the draft to as low as the 82nd best prospect by ESPN. He's slipped leading up the draft because scouts are beginning to question his approach and he's shown a lack of energy during the Spring.

Will he sign?

Good question! The new rules make it hard to predict for some of these HS guys. He's not considered a big risk as HS prospects are concerned. But, you never really know with the strict slot restrictions. I think if he's selected within supplemental round, he should be solid bet to sign.

College Commitment: Pepperdine

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