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Super Monday Links June 17, 2012

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Totally spaced on the Sunday links this week, I beg your forgiveness.

The Shameless Plug

Altuve playing big for Astros » Sports », Port Arthur, Texas

The Minors

Ranking the Minor League Ballparks of the Houston Astros - Stadium Journey
By Paul Swaney

Appy Astros: The New Players Guide to Greeneville
By Appy Astros

Hooks' Locke slams in second straight | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
By Sam Dykstra

Appy Astros: Getting to Know Your 2012 Greeneville Astros
Steve with your breakdown on all players assigned to the Greeneville roster.

The Statistics

A Closer Look at Pitchers Who Consistently Underperform their Peripherals - Beyond the Box Score
By Ari Berkowitz

Hidden Relief Stars - Baseball Nation
By Rob Neyer

Controlling the Running Game is Overrated | FanGraphs Baseball
By Dave Cameron

The Draft (Still?)

2012 MLB Draft: National League Central Division Commentary - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

Jim Crane makes a Little League move even as Carlos Correa is introduced: Why it helps Houston - 2012-Jun-08 - CultureMap Houston
By Chris Baldwin

The Astros

The Re-Birth of Brett Wallace - Climbing Tal's Hill - A Houston Astros Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
By Alex Sandoval

Uni Watch readers redesign the Astros - Sports Fans, Teams, Stadiums, Page 2 - Fandom Blog - ESPN Playbook - ESPN
By Paul Lukas

The Very Cool

To infinity and beyond! Giants fan hovers over Cove in jetpack | News
Blame the Jet Pack Man for the perfect game

How Cain I Resist? | Everybody Reads Raymond
By Dave Raymond

The Not So Cool

Today in MLB-Sanctioned Cheating - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation
By Rob Neyer