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Astros History: Triples

The most triples any single Astros team has hit in a season is 67. The Astros did it twice, and because they did it twice we'll take a deeper look at both those teams in front of todays 67th game on the 2012 season.

The first year the Astros did it was 1980, coincidentally also the first year the franchise made the postseason. Three Astros were tied for the lied in triples on the team with eight: Enos Cabell, Cesar Cedeno and Rafael Landestoy. Jose Cruz had seven, Craig Reynolds had six. Art Howe, Joe Morgan, Denny Walling and Jeffrey Leonard all had five. Alan Ashby had two and Luis Pujols, Dave Bergman and Joaquin Andujar had one.

The 1980 team finished with a 93-70 record.

The second year the Astros did it was 1984. That year Jose Cruz lead the team with 13, both Bill Doran and Craig Reynolds had 11. Terry Puhl had seven, Phil Garner had six. Kevin Bass and Denny Walling both had five. Enos Cabell and Jerry Mumphrey both had three and Mark Bailey, Dickie Thon and Bill Dawley all had one.

The 1984 team finished with a 80-82 record.

Your 2012 Astros currently have 15 so far this year.