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Astros Take Their Vegence On Zito And The Giants In 6-3 Win

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More games like these please, less like last night or even Tuesday night for that matter. I don't have a lot to say about the game so I'll just head straight into the recap.


Wandy Rodriguez went six innings and allowed three runs on six hits and two walks, while striking out three. Rodriguez was followed by Wesley Wright and Fernando Rodriguez who both pitched a perfect inning each. Brett Myers then came on for his 16th save of the season


Jose Altuve and Brian Bixler were the only batters to reach multiple times. For Altuve it came via two hits and a walk for Bixler it came via a hit and two walks. The offensive force of the game, however, was J.D. Martinez how hit a grand slam after Barry Zito walked three batters in front of him.


I don't see much of the game because of work and the drive home, so I can't speak to much of the defense other than it didn't allow an error and that's good. The one play of note that I did see was Matt Downs diving for a ball in the ninth with Pablo Sandoval shielding him. Initially it looked like a catch but it apparently trickled out of his glove, which actually worked in the Astros favor since it started a double play.

WPA Player of the Game

J.D. Martinez with a .147 WPA


7:05 PM CT at Rangers. Jordan Lyles vs Yu Darvish. Check local listings