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Astros History: Ranking The Teams First Season

With game 62 on the horizon lets look at how the 1962 team compared to the rest of the league and see if they did anything that stood out.

To be honest I don't expect to see many good things in an expansion teams first season, but let's give it a shot:

*There were 20 teams in the league so keep that in mind with these rankings

The Colt. 45's ranked:

  • 18th in average (.246), ahead of the Indians and Mets.
  • 19th in on base percentage (.310), ahead of the Senators.
  • 20th or dead last in slugging (.351), the Mets were just ahead of them by .010 points.
  • 17th in stolen bases (42), ahead of the Red Sox, Indians and Twins. *worth noting that the Dodgers lead the league with 198 stolen bases which was double what the next team, the Senators had, 99. Maury Wills had 104 that year and Willie Davis had 32.
  • Eighth in caught stealing (30).
  • 19th in homeruns (105), ahead of the White Sox.
  • Seventh in triples (47).
  • 19th in doubles (170), ahead of the Mets.
  • 16th in hits (1370), ahead of the Orioles, Tigers, Indians and Mets.
  • 17th in walk rate (8%), ahead of the Reds, Senators and Pirates.
  • Tied for fourth with the Senators in strikeout rate (13%).
  • Dead last in ISO (.104).
  • Dead last in wOBA (.298).
  • Tied for 18th in wRC+ with the Cubs.
  • 19th in FanGraphs WAR, ahead of the Mets.

Just as I expected not pretty at all, however, being seventh in triples meant that they were at least a little exciting to watch.

*At the time of this writing the Astros are currently seventh in triples, June 12, 2012.