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Super Sunday Links June 10, 2012

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While David was bemoaning the idea that the Astros front office is good I was putting together these deliciously good links.

Draft Hangover

What the Heck, Bobby?: Jeff Luhnow on Carlos Correa
By Jayne Hansen

Breaking Down Bonus Money for the 2012 MLB Draft
By Maury Brown

2012 MLB Draft: The Gamesmanship Begins - Baseball Nation
By Grant Brisbee

Seniority Rules In The Draft | FanGraphs Baseball
By J.P. Breen

There's Still A Major League Team?

Rebuilding the Astros | FanGraphs Baseball
By Eric Seidman

Goold: The Luhnow Lineups
By Derrick Goold

The Forgotten Trade Candidate - Baseball Nation
By Grant Brisbee

What Is Next for Astros RHP Mike Foltynewicz? " The Futurists
By Jayne Hansen

Astros County: Your Neighborhood Astros Blog & Grill: Interview with Southside Showdown
I liked it, you should too.


Velocity Decline and Pitcher Attrition by Age | FanGraphs Baseball
By Bill Petti

Are certain kinds of teams more susceptible to no-hitters?
By Dan Lependorf

Early Gold Glove Contenders: Relief Pitchers | FanGraphs Baseball
By Wendy Thurm

State of the Media

The Challenges of Reporting and Social Media
By Maury Brown

Video: Dickey vs. Wang, The Trailer | NotGraphs Baseball
By Navin Vaswani