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Astros Gladly Leave Colorado and Forgettable Series Behind


Let's see. Six losses in a row. Swept by the Rockies. Another starting pitcher meltdown. The telecast was cut off toward the end of the game due to "contractual obligations". Over the whole series, Astros pitching has given up 40 runs in just 4 games. On average, that's 10 runs per game. Arghh! You don't want to know the details. Let's focus on positive things like bunnies & flowers, shall we?

The Good: J.D. Martinez hit an opposite field homer. Al3ve and Low3 had 3 hits each. BTW: I love these nicknames, don't you? I actually came up with 'Al2ve' and now I have come up with Low3 which almost sounds like Lowrie, in case you couldn't tell. Lowrie had a ground-rule double to LF and two singles. Altuve had 3 singles. Apparently even I have some singles in Houston that want to meet me according to the advertisement on another website. Matt Downs got another pinch hit. It strikes me how low he's batting this year, but I guess I haven't noticed because Brad Mills always seems to insert him in to games when I'm not looking. In fact, I didn't know Downs was in the game until I looked at the box score online. That sneaky Mills...

The Bad: Brace yourselves for this one, guys. Bud Norris couldn't get out of the 2nd inning, giving up 8 runs initially and left with a runner on base. Rhiner Cruz came into the game and allowed the other run to score, crediting Norris with 9 earned runs. Brandon Lyon and David Carpenter were the only relievers after Cruz to surrender any kind of runs. We lost 11-5.

What's New: Tomorrow the Astros will be at home in time for flashback Friday. J.R. Richard will be inducted into the walk of fame. The Astros will also begin a 2-day trial of tailgating events starting tomorrow. The one tomorrow is teen-oriented with alcoholic beverages prohibited. If you do like to get down and dirty, your day is Saturday when you can let out your wild side and drink beer and stuff. Tomorrow the Astros will be unveiling their flashback rainbow Jerseys, which will be exciting to see. They will be playing the Reds and Mike Leake. Maybe the flashback jerseys will be so unappealing that Mike Leake won't be inclined to steal them.