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2012 MLB Draft Profile: Stryker Trahan, C, Acadiana HS, Lafayette, La


Athletic catchers with above average bats and plus power don't come along very often and Stryker Trahan is just that. He has good bat speed, makes consistent contact, should hit for average and above average power, and is athletic enough to play a corner OF position.

At 6-foot-1, 220 pounds, Trahan was athletic enough to play quarterback for his high school team which should help him transition to the OF if he doesn't develop behind the plate. Some scouts think that catching might be his ultimate position, but others think that he is destined for a corner outfield position.


Trahan's bat will get him to the Major Leagues, but it will be his receiving ability that will dictate whether it's behind the plate or in a corner OF position. To stick behind the plate, Trahan will need to work on his footwork, glove to hand throwing exchange, and his blocking ability. Trahan's floor could be compared to Ryan Doumit because of his power potential, ability to play C and OF, and athleticism.


The first thing that comes up about projecting Stryker Trahan is his athleticism and his power potential. When you watch Trahan you see a nice easy swing that should project power. During one of our podcasts, I compared him to a LH version of Mike Napoli who has a similar build and would be a good comp for Trahan if he reaches his ceiling potential. His highest ceiling grade will be behind the plate, but he is athletic enough and has a strong enough arm that he should be able to make the transition to RF if needed.

Where is he projected to go right now?

Stryker Trahan is likely to go in the middle to late first round due to his power potential and athleticism. He's committed to Mississippi, but he's likely to sign and isn't likely to slip on draft day due to sign ability.

Will the Astros pick him? If so, where?

There is a slim chance that he could slide to the Astros at pick #41, but that seems unlikely due to his upside. I predict Trahan will go in the middle to late first round.

Scouting Videos

What Scout's say about him...

Keith Law:

His performance hasn't been great this year, particularly in receiving, but it's a strong set of tools offering the upside of a solid-average defender behind the plate whose offense would profile at many other positions.

Baseball America:

He could be a first-round pick for a team that believes he can catch, but the consensus is that he'll need to shift to an outfield corner. At 6-foot-1, 220 pounds, Trahan has an ideal build for catching and an athletic frame with strong hands and forearms that allow scouts to put good grades on his power. His swing has lacked fluidity this spring and is more strength-oriented, but he may loosen up as he puts more distance between baseball and his football career; he was Acadiana's starting quarterback last fall. Trahan has above-average arm strength, which will play behind the plate or in right field, and he's an excellent runner for his size, often turning in above-average times to first base from the left side. His obstacle at catcher is his receiving ability, which is below-average, and scouts hoped to see more progress in an inconsistent senior season. A Mississippi commitment, Trahan has too many tools to fall far.

Jonathan Mayo:

Trahan, though, does have the chance to be a very good all-around backstop. Strong and muscular, the ball jumps off his bat and he should have future home run power, even though his swing can get long at times. He even runs well for a catcher. He provides a good target behind the plate and has plenty of arm for the position. He'll need to improve his footwork and keep himself from stabbing at pitches, but the tools are there to stay behind the plate.