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Astros History: 49 Losses

The 1994 MVP, Jeff Bagwell
The 1994 MVP, Jeff Bagwell

Coinciding with yesterdays evening game, number 49 on the season, is the Astros least amount of losses in a season.

And the Astros have actually done it twice, which is no small feat, considering 49 losses in a regular 162 game schedule would require 113 wins. The only thing is the highest win total for the Astros in franchise history is 102. Accomplished back in 1998.

So how do they lose only 49 games? Go on strike.

In 1981 the Astros finished with a 61-49 record; In 1994 they finished 66-49 record.

The 1981 squad lost 3-2 in the National League Division Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers. While the 1994 squad never even got an opportunity to play in the playoffs as the strike ran into the beginning of the 1995 season.

1981 had the dominating pitching staff, no starter had an ERA+ lower than 113, and 1994 for had the dominating offense, 12 players had an OPS+ of a 100 or more and Bagwell won the MVP.

Two good years of Houston baseball sullied by the greed of players and owners. Hopefully, this new found labor piece will con