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Astros History: Nellie Fox's 48 Runs

Coinciding with game 48 on the season is the second ever Hall of Fame player to play for the team.

On December 10, 1963 the Chicago White Sox traded Nellie Fox to the Astros for Jim Golden, Danny Murphy and cash. Golden would never see the majors again; Murphy had one good 31.1 innings in relief with the White Sox and one bad year with 80.2; cash I imagined turned into part of the Astrodome.

Anyways, the Astros got Nellie Fox, the previous year Joe Morgan made his debut, which is why Fox is only the second Hall of Famer to play for the team, and that distinction didn't even happen until 1997 when the veteran's committee put him in.

In his two seasons with the Houston, the final two of his career, he posted an OPS+ of 85 and a .288/.348/.363 in the process scoring 48 runs for the team. For his career he posted a 93 OPS+ with a .288/.348/.363 line and 1279 runs scored.