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Astros Just Can't Win On Road, Drop Series To Dodgers


On Friday, I talked about how pivotal Saturday's game would be, since Friday was a wash with Kershaw on the mound and Sunday was in Houston's favor because the Dodgers were throwing Chris Capuano.

Turns out, I was right and wrong all at the same time. Houston dominated the Dodgers Friday and were shut down by Capuano Sunday, meaning the pivotal game in the series was Saturday's walkoff loss. Norris nor Happ pitched especially deep into the games and Jerry Hairston just went crazy on Sunday.

What does this mean for Houston? That they're still a bad road team. Still, they can salvage this road trip with a split in Colorado. Maybe a sweep of the doubleheader on Monday will get things righted.

One thing Houston shouldn't worry much about is Jose Altuve. I'll talk more about him in the Three Things on Monday, but Escorpion had a huge weekend. He hit three doubles and a triple with three runs scored in three games. For a guy who's not supposed to have any power, he sure is showing a bunch of it, isn't he?

His afternoon was about the only bright spot here, as Houston was just clueless against Capuano. Houston just can't win any road series this season, but this one gave them another close call. You have to expect that the luck will change as this season rolls on and as these young guys get the experience to turn things around.

On another note, it was somewhat bittersweet that the final game Houston would play against the Dodgers wasn't on TV. It hasn't come up in a while, but these two used to have a great rivalry, with Tommy Lasorda being absolutely despised in Houston. Now, things have cooled off, but it's a shame Houston is missing out on another little piece of its history.