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Astros History: 45 Batters For The Colt .45's


Technically its 42 batters for the 1963 Colt 45's team, but Baseball Reference has the team listed as having 45 batters for the 1963. With that in mind coinciding with game 45 of the season we'll look at the leaders of those 45 batters in various offensive categories.

Before that though, the three batters who got listed as "batters' but never had a plate appearance were Danny Coombs, Jay Dahl and Jim Golden all relivers.

  • Rusty Staub led the team in: games played, 150, tied with Carl Warwick; Plate Appearances, 585; walks, 59; and intentional walks, eight.
  • Carl Warwick led the team in: games played, 150, tied with Rusty Staub; at bats, 528; hits, 134; and taken bases, 184.
  • Al Spangler led the team in: runs, 52; doubles, 25; caught stealing, 8; batting average, .281; on base percentage, .355; slugging percentage, .386; on base plus slugging percentage, .741; and on base plus slugging percentage adjusted, 120.
  • Jon Bateman, who can be found on twitter, led the team in: triples, 6; homeruns, 10; runs batted in, 59; and hit by pitches.
  • Johnny Temple led the team in: stolen bases, 7; and sacrifice bunts, 13.
  • Howie Goss led the team in strikeouts, 128.
  • Pete Runnels led the team in grounding into doubles play, 20.
  • Jimmy Wynn led the team in sacrifice flies, 5.
  • The youngest batter to actual bat for the team was Sonny Jackson at the age of 18. He had three plate appearances and failed to get a hit, while striking out once.
  • The oldest batter to bat for the team was Hal Brown at the age of 38. As a pitcher he got 47 plate appearances, posting a .093/.114/.093 line.