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2012 MLB Draft Profile: John Cannon, C, Houston


We're continuing a theme with guys I've actually seen in person. This time, it's University of Houston catcher John Cannon, who played for the Brazos Valley Bombers, a collegiate wooden bat team in the Texas Collegiate League based in Bryan.

I saw Cannon in about two or three games over the course of two summers and came away reasonably impressed. None of the players looked good in this particular wooden bat league, so I can't speak to that part of his game, but he did look pretty good defensively.

That's where I think he'll gain most of his draft value. Guys like Cannon, who have started for years at the college level and have some experience hitting in wood leagues can come in and be an organizational depth guy in the minors for a few seasons.

If Cannon's bat develops, he can move more quickly than that. Houston has seen that with another UH catcher, Chris Wallace. I'm not sure Cannon will have the same power potential as The Good Wallace, but he does have value.


Well, organizational depth is important, right? There's a chance a college guy like never makes it to even Double-A, but there's still value in that.


As I said, this will all depend on his bat. If he can hit passably, Cannon has a shot to be a big-league backup at worst. Think of Humberto Quintero, but maybe not as good a hitter.

Projected Draft Round

I'd bet he gets drafted somewhere after the 20th round.

Will he sign?

As a senior, it figures that Cannon will sign if he intends to play professionally.

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Baseball America:

Whitting calls Grayson one of the best defensive first basemen he has ever coached, and senior John Cannon has improved dramatically behind the plate.

"I don't know if I've ever seen a position player improve as much as John Cannon as at his position," UH head coach Todd Whitting said. "Before I got here, people used to run all over him. You can't run on John Cannon."

Cannon a TCL All-Star