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TCB Podcast Episode 42

TCB Podcast Logo
TCB Podcast Logo

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums.

In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist, Brooks Parker, and myself discuss:

  • Answer listener Twitter questions including: Brian Bogusevic, Fernando Martinez, George Springer and J.D. Martinez
  • Jordan Lyles optioned to AAA
  • Jordan Schafer and the injury prone tag
  • Henry Sosa's contract is sold to the Kia Tigers
  • Speculation that the Astros will select Mark Appel with the first pick in the upcoming draft

With the draft getting closer and closer expect more and more draft talk. In fact if you have any questions regarding the draft, be sure to email us and we'll answer them in the upcoming episodes. With the holiday weekend and the draft the next two weeks we will be pushing back our podcast release dates to Wednesday, because we will be recording the episodes on Monday instead of Sunday.

Along with that, we will begin doing live broadcasts this Monday, using Google+ On Air. There will be a link and embedded post on our site so that anyone that wish's to listen live and participate they can do so. We'll use the Game Thread this Monday because the Astros will be playing a game during the podcast. After that we'll either have our own post or a place where people can go to chat during the broadcast.


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If you have any comments or questions in regards to the podcast you can email the show at If you have a question please be sure to include your name and where you're from. Also big thanks to those of you that have rated us on iTunes we really appreciate the feedback.