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Armando Galarraga Signed To Minor League Contract By Houston Astros

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According to Brian McTaggart the Astros made the somewhat surprising move of signing Armando Galarraga to a Minor League contract and look to plug him at Oklahoma City where relievers have been making spot starts.

Galarraga is probably most well known for the perfect game that wasn't. That's the one that Jim Joyce blew the call on with two outs in the ninth, robbing Galarraga of an appearance with the gatekeeper of the perfect club, Kate Upton. Think about it, what better way to shoot the commercial than Galarraga and Verlander Detroit teammates walking in and Galarraga saying something along the lines of "catch you later Justin" and then walking in while Verlander either gets tossed out or is standing outside looking in while it starts to rain.

Unfortunately, history was rewritten with Joyce's call and after being traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks, granted free agency, signed by the Baltimore Orioles, released at the start of the season, he now finds himself with an audition for a spot in the suddenly starter starved Redhawks rotation. The Redhawks have a couple open spots due to the Kyle Weiland injury and Henry Sosa taking his arm to Korea.

Galarraga has yet to pitch this season and will start warm ups in Kissimmee before he's assigned to Oklahoma City.

What can he offer? Minor League depth. Maybe Burt Hooton can work his magic. At this point though there are younger better options that can fill in for the Major League club. What the Astros really need right now is someone that can eat innings in OKC and that's what this signing looks like.