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Astros History: Roger Clemens 2005 Season

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2005 was a good year. Despite not finishing number one in the league, the 2005 Astros took the franchise places it had never gone before. One of the key players from that team was Roger Clemens who at the age of 42 put together one of the great pitching seasons of all-time.

Not only did Clemens lead the league in ERA (1.87) and ERA+ (226) but he also led the league in H/9 (6.4). He was the definition of un-hittable. This would be the final year Clemens would pitch a full season. Unfortunately, for Clemens, the Astros offense struggled to score runs in his starts.

After winning his first start of the season, on April 8, he didn't get his second win until May 9. In between he started five times collecting one lose and four no decisions despite giving up only giving up five runs.

In 12 of the Rocket's 13 wins he allowed two runs or less; only once did he allow four runs and collect a win. In all 11 no decisions Clemens allowed two earned runs or less. In five of his eight losses he allowed three runs or less.

Clemens finished third in the Cy Young voting to Dontrelle Willis and Chris Carpenter who both had fine years, and almost a full run higher ERA. What they had that Clemens didn't was 20 plus wins. In 2010 Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young with a league leading 2.27 ERA, and a 13-12 record.

It's amazing what five years can do to an award, and a person. Too soon Rocket too soon.