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Astros Player Performance Rankings - May 18, 2012

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For an explanation of the methodology for these rankings go to the inaugural post of the Player Performance Rankings. Also for pitchers check out last week's post where we change it up a bit.

So I'm trying something new yet again, but this time it's visual instead of me putting a table on the board I've decided to make charts. With this I've included some other information, for example, hitters now show their BABIP numbers, regulators and fielders show the components for their net numbers. Let me know what you think of the images.






  • The offensive struggles from last week have shown up in the BABIP numbers this week. Jed Lowrie and Carlos Lee are within .010 points of .300. Everyone else has seen a regressions either positive or negative.
  • The players still with high BABIPs, are Jose Altuve, Chris Johnson, Jordan Schafer, Travis Buck and Justin Maxwell. Not all will regress to .300 and may keep a higher than normal BABIP. In the case of Buck and Maxwell, because they're bench players and thus fewer plate appearances through out the season their BABIP may fluctuate all season.
  • Carlos Lee moving from eighth last week to third this week shows, yet again, how much a week can do for a player. We must continue to endure the small sample size caveat that will accompany articles analyzing this season for several more weeks.
  • Bud Norris is starting to heat up and J.A. Happ and Lucas Harrell were essentially par for the course this last week. I've added the fifth spot of the rotation for comparison, after a few more starts I may throw Jordan Lyles name on the board. For the time being he's being lumped in with Kyle Weiland and Anuery Rodriguez.
  • Brett Myers is still the lead regulator, however Wilton Lopez made a big push and Wesley Wright moved into positive territory with Brandon Lyon.
  • Travis Buck jumps to the top of the defense leaderboard which highlights how volatile defense statistics are during a season and why it's really not a good idea to base defense analysis from this season on a players overall defensive ability.
  • Brian Bogusevic and Carlos Lee saw a positive jump in their defensive numbers, but Jose Altuve took a dive with his defensive numbers.
  • What are your observations?