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TCB Podcast Episode 41

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TCB Podcast Logo

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In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist, Brooks Parker, Steve Duer from Appy Astros and myself discuss:

  • Sunday's game
  • J.D. Martinez struggling and Brad Mills' handling of slumps
  • Whether or not we're buying into Chris Johnson
  • Justin Maxwell takes Roy Oswalt's old number, 44
  • What Tommy John means for Jack Armstrong Jr.
  • The Astros Greeneville rookie affiliate preview

Big thanks to Steve coming on and giving us his opinions on all things Astros and giving us an in-depth preview of the Greeneville team. I'm sure many of you already know about his site, but if not be sure to add it to your reader and/or check it daily when the Greeneville season starts later in June, Appy Astros. If you're on twitter check him out there @AppyAstros.


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