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Gear Up To Follow The Astros And MLB With Full Count

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I'm always surprised at the number of people who visit this little site that don't actually live in Houston. There's so many, in fact, that Tim's arranging a neat get-together at an Atlanta Braves game later this summer.

But, there's no doubt it's hard to follow both what's going on with the Astros and the major leagues if you're not there. That's why technology is so cool. I talked about all the ways technology helps the modern baseball fan a while back, but it's a constantly evolving process.

Just take something like the NFL Red Zone channel. Any football fans out there watch that? How about at the same time as another game? I'm lucky enough to have a two-TV setup in the living room and can do just this. The whip-around video is great, but for some people it's too much. There's so much action in a football game, it's hard to keep up.

Well, and Yahoo! Sports are trying to bring that experience to baseball. This season, you can get all the biggest plays and breaking news right there through this all-new MLB Full Count on Yahoo! Sports.

Essentially, this product does just what Red Zone does, watching the best plays from each game from around the majors as they happen. At the same time, since it's on a computer, you've got up-to-date stats, scores, news and live expert commentary (something you DEFINITELY don't get on this site) right there.

They've also got historical, relevant footage built in to go along with all these live look-ins. You can also pause and rewind things in real time to earlier plays to catch up on anything you might have missed.

The best part? It's free and available for both PC and OS. If you're addicted to Twitter and can't have two windows open on your computer screen, there's even a Twitter window built into the...window for tracking all sorts of people. Mainly Jon Heyman. So you can mock Jon Heyman...(I kid, I kid).

Really, though, if you're watching the Astros and don't want to miss what's going on around the rest of the league, this is a really neat, free addition to your arsenal.

Yahoo! Sports and Full Count support SB Nation in the never-ending pursuit to know everything that’s going on in baseball—a quest that all-new Full Count aims to help with live, pause-able, rewind-able video of the biggest plays from around the league, and the hottest news and freshest analysis. All for free. Sign up at today!