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Check Out Rob Neyer On SB Nation's YouTube Channel

You may have seen that SB Nation has launched a YouTube channel with lots of videos. The best of the bunch, in my book right now, is Rob Neyer's Mailbag.

That would be the latest episode, and here's the official description:

Rob's Mailbag (Baseball -- New episodes on Wednesday): Get smarter about baseball with Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer. In Rob's Mailbag, Rob takes questions from viewers every week and breaks them down in absurd (and extremely entertaining) detail. Essential viewing:

You know how awesome Rob Neyer is, and if you don't...well, that makes me sad, because it means you are too young to remember when he was one of the only guys at ESPN or any big outlet touting advanced metrics or different ways to analyze baseball. He was my gateway drug to sabermetrics in those early years back in about 2001 and I've been reading him ever since.

Turns out, he's just as interesting in video form. So, go check it out after I give it the second TCB Seal of Approval in less than a week.