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I Dislike Jay Bruce, Brad Mills And The Bullpen, In That Order

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I've never particularly liked the Reds. In fact, Friday's recap made me like Chris a little less, and I'm pretty high on him in general.

So, losses to the Reds always hurt a little more. Not as much as losses to the Cubs or Cardinals, but they still sting quite a bit. When you add blown leads, bullpen disasters and the like? Horrible!

There's even a new local guy playing up there that kills Houston. It used to be Adam Dunn and now it's Jay Bruce, who has decided he's just going to win all the awards this season. He certainly killed Houston in this game, hitting the game-winning home run after Cincy tied it up. That was his fourth homer in four days, btw.

As for Mills and the bullpen...I don't know. I'm at a loss. Mills Logic is a thing and it's not a logic that we may ever understand. Every time you think he's getting better, batting Bogey against a left-hander, something comes along to throw all that good will out the window.

And, I'm looking squarely at Zachary Levine, who obviously jinxed Houston's bullpen with his incessant praising lately. I'm not a superstitious person in real life, but in baseball? Super superstitious and he jinxed that success in my book. This loss in in your hands, Z...