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Replacing Kyle Weiland In The Rotation

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It had been announced prior to Kyle Weiland going on the disabled list that Wandy Rodriguez would start Friday on regular rest. What wasn't known was whether Weiland would have to be pushed back a couple days or skip a start entirely. With the Astros placing him on the DL with should brusitis we've gotten an answer to that question.

In regards to the injury here's what Brooks had to say:

Between the humeral head of the humerus and acromion, you have three structures, the long head biceps tendon, supraspinatus tendon, and the subacromial bursa sac. You'll remember the first two structures from Brandon Lyon's injury. Weiland has effected the other. A bursa sac is just a small fluid filled sac that prevents friction from occuring where structures slide over themselves. The subacromial bursae is the largest in the body. It commonly becomes inflamed when it has to sustain either a lot of friction or impact. Because Weiland is obviously a pitcher, it's probably both. As he elevates his arm, there is a chance he has some slight instability that allows it to become impinged.

Am I worried about it? Nope. Bursitis is typically calmed pretty quickly, and since there isn't any structural damage, this should be done fairly quickly. Weiland will probably get some extra rotator cuff work in for stability and spend a little time making sure his mechanics are clean before he comes off the DL. But, this should be good in two weeks when he's set to come off.

Lucas Harrell will go Saturday, Bud Norris Sunday and it appears J.A. Happ Monday. That leaves Tuesday as a TBD, in fact as of this moment Zachary Levine just confirmed that.

A look at who could fill Weiland's spot after the jump.

Aneury Rodriguez is starting tonight so unless he's pulled that eliminates him. With a 5.89 ERA in 18.1 innings I don't know if you want to pull him from a minor start for a major start in four days, but as we've learned, with Luhnow you never assume.

Henry Sosa pitched Thursday night and could conceivable start Tuesday on regular rest. In 22.2 innings this season he's compiled a 3.18 ERA on 7.5 SO/9 and 2.4 BB/9 for a 3.17 SO/BB.

Paul Clemens last start was skipped due to back spasms, so he's well rested. Do the Astros really want to replace an injured pitcher with another pitcher dealing with minor injury issues. I know many are beating the drum to see him pitch in the majors, but it might just be to early. In three starts, 17 innings, Clemens has a 1.59 ERA with a 6.9 SO/9 and a 2.1 BB/9 for a 3.25 SO/BB.

Jordan Lyles last pitched Tuesday and could be called up to start. In four starts, 26 innings, he's posted a 3.46 ERA with a 8.3 SO/9 and a 1.4 BB/9 for a 6 SO/BB. This is the guy I'd like to see make that Tuesday start, but I wouldn't be upset if the Astros decide he needs some more time in the minors. Plus, Weiland doesn't look to be out that long so whoever gets called up is probably going to be sent right back down, unless there's an implosion by one of the other starts not named Wandy or Norris.

Then there's Dallas Keuchel who last pitched Monday. In four starts, 27 innings, he's posted a 1.67 ERA to go along with a 4.3 SO/9 and a 2 BB/9 for a 2.17 SO/BB. Would love to see him called up to see what he can do against Major League hitters, but at this point I think other options make more sense.

Lyles, Rodriguez and Sosa all already have some time in the Majors so I think it will be one of those three to be called up. The one that makes the most sense is Sosa who could end up being a long man, something the Astros bullpen lacks, if he proves effective. Of course then there's the issue of Sosa being out of options.

If Sosa is called up and the Astros want to send him back down they'll have to pass him through waivers. Which means there's another team could make a claim on him. Therefore, Lyles probably makes the best candidate to be called up considering he has options left and Major League experience.

Either way we should find out soon enough.

Here's what Brooks had to say about replacing Weiland in the rotation:

Rotation options are probably going to be limited to Henry Sosa who is set to start on Tuesday already and Jordan Lyles who is set to start on Sunday. Those two, along with Dallas Keuchel have been the most impressive so far in Oklahoma City, but because I don't think the Astros will want to add Keuchel to the 40 man roster or use an option for him, I think he is out of the picture. This leaves Sosa and Lyles who have has similar effectiveness.

I think Lyles gets the nod here primarily because of the hype around him already as a former top prospect. But, because of convenience of scheduled starts matching and Sosa being the older player, he could get the call instead while they let Lyles continue to get work in at OkC and not jerk him up and down for short stints.