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Astros History: 10 No-Hitters

For game 10 of the season we'll look at the 10 no-hitters in Astros. All no-hitters will be accompanied by a link to the website Back to Baseball which shows a graphical replay of the game.

The first no-hitter was courtesy of Don Nottebart on May 17, 1963 against the Philadelphia Phillies. Recap via Astros Daily (replay).

The second no-hitter was courtesy of Ken Johnson on April 23, 1964 against the Cincinnati Reds. Johnson actually took the loss on this one thanks to two ninth inning errors (replay).

The third and fourth no-hitter came courtesy of Don Wilson who through his first one June 18, 1967, against the Atlanta Braves (replay) and his second one May 1, 1969, against the Reds (replay).

The fifth no-hitter was conducted by Larry Dierker on July 9, 1976, against the Montreal Expos (replay).

The sixth no-hitter was pitched by Ken Forsch on April 7, 1979, against the Braves (replay).

The seventh no-hitter was by no-hitter king Nolan Ryan on September 26, 1982, against the Los Angeles Dodgers (replay).

The eighth no-hitter was by the one and only Mike Scott on September 25, 1986, against the San Francisco Giants (replay).

The ninth no-hitter was courtesy of the late Darryl Kile on September 8, 1993, against the New York Mets (replay).

The final and most recent hitter was the record six pitcher no-hitter on June 11, 2003, against the New York Yankees (replay). Can you name all six pitchers without looking?