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Astros History: A Hidden No. 9

This is a little more literal than many of the previous entries on this list. But, I couldn't let the ninth game of the season pass without recognizing one of the coolest things to happen for the Astros in Game No. 9.

Back in 1977, Houston's Bob Watson caught Atlanta shortstop Pat Rockett with the old hidden ball trick. That's right. Apparently, Rookie of the Year is an actual baseball move.

It was the first time in franchise history that the Astros had pulled off the feat, according to Astros Daily. In fact, the team only managed the play successfully one more time, in 1982 when Phil Garner caught San Diego's Rupert Jones off second.

Watson's trick didn't affect the game much. Houston lost to Atlanta 5-4, but the play did happen in the bottom of the eighth inning after Rockett reached on an error. Concievably, if Watson hadn't gotten him out, Atlanta could have increased its lead and made it harder for Houston to attempt a comeback later on.

Alas, none of that happened, but this game will live on for that one reason. Hidden ball tricks! Gotta love 'em.