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Thanks For All The Fish, Marlins...Astros Win Wild 5-4 Affair

Rally Cat is my hero.
Rally Cat is my hero.

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. If Marlins are bearing gifts? Take them and run very fast and very far." -- Some philosopher I totally didn't just make up on the spot. He's for real, honest.

"All your base are belong to Rally Cat." -- TCB

Don't call these Astros boring. Most of America may not be able to name one or two players on this team, but this currently constructed squad keeps games interesting. Whether its Jordan Schafer's knack for scoring first-inning runs lately, or J.D. Martinez' incredible clutchness to open the season, these are your newly dynamic Astros. It makes it much easier to root, root, root for them, doesn't it?

I know it's irrational, and I know it goes against everything we know about sabermetrics and analyzing baseball through an objective lens. Maybe I just like the guy too much, but I haven't been as confident about a player when he's at the plate in a big situation as I am about J.D. Martinez in quite a while. It may go back to Lance Berkman way back when. He's exactly who I want coming up in the ninth inning with two outs and needing a huge hit.

Carlos Lee? Not so much. But, as he's done pretty consistently through these first eight games, he not only came through with a big hit, but redeemed himself for that horrible "I'm going to try and score," notion. Even Brian Bogusevic had his own mini-redeeming moment, when his fly ball was completely misplayed by Logan Morrison, allowing the winning run to scamper home.

These wins have been fluky, but the Astros losses have been plagued by just as many fluky errors and bad decisions. That's partly because this is just a young team who will make mistakes from time to time, but it's partly because luck has been an Astros lady recently. Don't mess with it, just let it ride.

I'll tell you one more thing this win did. I'm done with the caveats about Astros wins this season. They're too much fun. The players are likeable and have futures with the club. This is a fun team to pull for and they win fun, crazy games like this one. They may stop winning at some point and that's okay. Right now, I'm enjoying them too much to care.