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The Houston Astros Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction, Get Their Gun Back

Getty Images for NASCAR

In the least surprising news of the day and quite possibly ever, the Astros have decided to wear the unaltered Colt .45 jerseys after MLB deferred the decision to the them.

According to a Houston Chronicle poll and the Astros, again not surprising, there was almost unanimous support for wearing the original iteration of the jersey. So it shall be.

The jersey will be worn April 10, marking the 50th anniversary of the first game, April 10, 1962, and April 20.

For Astro fans this reverse a trend of perceived losses both on and off the field. From the dragged Jim Crane ownership approval to the American League switch, all the way back to the 2008 hurricane that seemingly killed the teams playoff chances. It's been one kick after another with the Colt .45 debacle propelling the Astros fan base essentially into "kicking a dead horse" status.

Things seem to be turning around though. There's new energy in the Astros organization and it appears to be playing out on Florida fields this Spring. Sure the games don't matter, but it beats losing those games and it might just be the turning point we've been looking for.