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Super Sunday Links 4 March 2012

Getty Images

While CRPerry13 was taking a look at the competition at third base I was putting together these links for your viewing pleasure.


2012 College Baseball Prospect Notes: 2-27-12 - Minor League Ball
By Matt Garrioch

MLB Draft: High School Arms To Watch | FanGraphs Baseball
By J.P. Breen

Outside The Box

Inconsequential Spring Training Tweets, And A Man's Descent Into Delirium - Baseball Nation
This Spring Training, baseball teams have been flooding Twitter with all manner of banal, meaningless tweets and photos. This is the grim tale of a man who was forced to read them all.

Catcher Pitch Blocking & WAR Update | FanGraphs Baseball
New stats!

The Platoon Advantage: Off Season Winners and Abject Disappointments, 2012
It's interesting that someone with a pseudonym can have more depth and analysis than someone without one /cough Jon Heyman.

What the Heck, Bobby?: Bonus Tweet of the Day
Love this.

Luhnow On Myers, Draft, Astros: MLB Rumors -
By Tim Dierkes

Astros and Minor League links after the jump.

The Astros

Ultimate Astros " Myers moves from rotation to closer: What’s in it for the Astros?
By Steve Campbell

How will closing impact Brett Myers’ fastball?
By Harry Pavlidis

Ultimate Astros " Astros’ Altuve hopes pickier approach will allow him to feast
By Zachary Levine

Ultimate Astros " Astros GM says going with no closer was never an option
By Zachary Levine

Houston Astros Team Health Report 2012 - Will Carroll -
Jason Castro probably has a voodoo doll of Carroll in his locker somewhere.

Ultimate Astros " Q&A: Mike Barnett likes what he sees from the offense
By Zachary Levine

The Minors

Appy Astros: What To Watch For In 2012 - Former G-Stros Outfield
Some interesting names on this list.

What the Heck, Bobby?: Non-Prospect Prospects to Watch - Part 2
More prospects you may of never heard of.