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Astros Win And Lose Against The Braves

Much better day for Bud Friday
Much better day for Bud Friday

You know it's Spring training when the Astros can both lose and win against a game against the Atlanta Braves, and I'm not talking philosophical reasons either. These are actual results. The first game to finish was a 3-1 lose to the Braves, the second game to finish was a 5-1 victory over the Braves.

If you haven't it figured out by now the Astros and Braves played two split squad games against each other, a common sight during the Spring. Well, at least the split squad games are. I don't know how many split squad games are played by the same two teams on the same day, but it happened to day. The Astros got the equivalent of a push for the two games.

To avoid confusion I'll only be focusing on individual performances instead of looking at each game.


Players to reach multiple times were Brian Bogusevic, Marwin Gonzalez, J.D. Martinez and Jason Castro. Everyone, with the exception of Castro, reached base via a hit and a walk. Castro reached via two hits both singles. Brian Bixler had a triple and Chris Snyder smacked yet another homerun. Good effort in the win, bad effort in the loss.

Worth noting: Castro got picked off in the winning effort and Jose Altuve had a stolen base in the losing effort.


Kyle Weiland pitched the away game and pitched it fairly well. In six innings he allowed three runs on fives hits and one walk, while striking out five. If he were at home he would of had the run support to win. Rhiner Cruz followed with two shutout innings.

At home Bud Norris went six innings, allowing only one run to score on four hits, while striking out three. Jarred Cosart, Brandon Lyon and Brett Myers followed with shutout innings to secure the Astros win.


No errors to speak of in either game.


12:05 p.m. CST vs New York Yankees. Radio: KTRH 740.