Season Preview: Houston Astros


Bad team. The Houston Astros were a bad team in 2011 (56-106) and will be a bad team in 2012. Long gone are the days of playoff contending teams. Biggio, Bagwell, and Berkman no longer exist on the Astros’ field. Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt won’t touch the mound. In 2012, there will be no Houston Astros players that rival the talents of old. While it was only seven years ago (2005) when the Astros actually played in the World Series, this current team makes it seem like it was ages since this organization was competitive. Offensively, the 2011 Astros lineup ranked first in the National League in doubles (309), third in hits (1442), fourth in batting average (.258), and fifth in stolen bases (118). These sound like good numbers. As a matter of fact they are, but they are also very misleading. Houston ranked 13th in runs scored (615), 15th in home runs (95), and 16th (last) in walks (401). Those are BAD numbers. Despite the hits, doubles, and stolen bases, the Astros couldn’t and can’t score runs. Obviously, they were last in walks because they had no power in the lineup. There is absolutely no excuse for Houston to be ranked second to last in home runs. Minute Maid Park is the Major League equivalent to a Little League field. Opposing pitchers have no fear of this team. They go right at ’em.