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Fantasy Crawfish Boxes Update 2

Tonight was the first draft of the four TCB Fantasy Baseball Leagues. Below I present my thoughts, favorite quotes, and draft-day awards. At approximately 7:00:03 PM I logged into my Yahoo account to skim through one of my already-drafted leagues, and on a whim I browsed through my other leagues. It was with shock that I realized the Official Unofficial Crawfish Boxes League 4 draft was already underway, and I had the next pick!

After quickly (and gratefully) nabbing Troy Tulowitzki, I settled down with my brewski to chat with the managers and participate in a draft that I had done absolutely no preparation for. As I perused the league settings, the following exchange occured:

CRPerry13: This league has a CF and two OF?
Colt 45s: Yeah, I figured to be a realistic team, not any outfielder can play CF
Colt 45s: Could you imagine Carlos Lee in CF?
Freemason Baseman: Still having trouble picturing him in left

Hilarity ensued. Below the jump, I'll tell you which Astros were drafted where, and my thoughts on them.

Drafted Astros:

187 - Bud Norris (CRPerry13)
214 - Wandy Rodriguez (Deer Hunter)
226 - Brett Myers (Boomsticks)
229 - Carlos Lee (Freemason Baseman)
260 - J.D. Martinez (We Like Some Beers)
269 - Jose Altuve (Colt 45's)
279 - Jed Lowrie (Boomsticks)

I like the pick of Lowrie in Round 19. I think the possibility of a 20-HR shortstop with dual-eligibility at 3B is a really nice piece to have on the bench.

I love me some strikeouts, so I broke the Astros undrafted streak by getting Bud Norris as my fifth starter. The state of the Astros can be nicely summed up by the fact that not one was drafted until Round 13 of the draft, and that was arguably a reach pick. That means, if one were to populate 25-man rosters with the players that were drafted in this league, you could populate seven whole teams before you get to an Astro. As an Astros fan and erstwhile blogger, that makes me sad.

That drove me to prompting this conversation:

CRPerry13: Time to play "What are you drinking?"
CRPerry13: GO
Drew P. Wiener: Flat apple soda :(
CRPerry13: Do you hate yourself?
Drew P. Wiener: i was too lazy to open a Fosters cause they aren't twist off
Colt 45s: Unfortunately, Natty light
Freemason Baseman: Dew
FatChicks Try Harder: Sam Adams
We Like Some Beers: Coors Light
Drew P. Wiener: What a sad bunch we are
CRPerry13: FatChicks: Thank you for
CRPerry13: We Like Some Beers...change your name right now.
FatChicks Try Harder: if you're drinking beer, at least make it taste like it
Drew P. Wiener: Coors Light should never be an option
We Like Some Beers: Crap, I just got kicked out
CRPerry13: We were busy mocking your beverage selection

For the record, I was enjoying a tasty New Belgium Dig Pale Ale in a New Belgium Goblet. For the record, TCB does not condone irresponsible Drinking While Drafting.

Along those same lines:

Drew P. Wiener: you know what im really a sucker for?
Drew P. Wiener: hard cider
Drew P. Wiener: especially rasberry hard cider
Drew P. Wiener: though it's rather embarassing when the waiter brings out the drinks and gives my pink rasberry cider to my wife and says "the pink beer for the lady" and hands me the guinness my wife ordered

Just so you know, Drew is super_shredder. Mock him mercilessly for his taste in beverages.

Draft Day Awards

I like to do this in all of my leagues, just for fun.

Worst Pick of the Draft Award: I didn't notice any terrible picks, but I have to populate this award. I'm calling it a tie. Mariano Rivera was taken in Round 6, which there is nothing wrong with, I just don't like closers in general, especially when drafted in front of good starters and 25-home run hitters. My 2nd "Worst Pick" is Grady Sizemore with the very last pick of the draft. There's upside there, but the dude is hurt!

Best Pick of the Draft Award: Any time a manager can get a closer with his very last pick is pretty awesome (I did that). The 2nd-last pick of the draft was Addison Reed, a strikeout monster who will likely be closing this season for the White Sox later in the year. Also, Erik Bedard fell to Round 21, somehow. I love that pick. Zack Cosart with one of the last 5 picks was a great grab as well.

Three True Outcomes Award: Gotta give this to myself. Dan Uggla, Mark Reynolds, Paul Goldschmidt, Giancarlo hitters are all or nothing. All that's missing is Adam Dunn, who somebody grabbed three picks in front of me.

Worst Taste in Beverages Award: Drew P. Wiener. Flat Apple Soda? Raspberry Hard Cider? Foster's? Please. I'm going to light some candles for this guy at church next weekend.

I Love the Astros Award: Boomsticks, with two Astros drafted. Way to represent, big guy!

Off to the Races Award: Freemason Baseman. Michael Bourn, Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury, Coco Crisp. Lots of burners on this team.


The first TCB draft of the season was lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to the others! I'll leave you with one last quote. Make of it what you will.

Drew P. Wiener: [Chris] Sale and [Neftali] Feliz are getting stretched out [as starters]
We Like Some Beers: Hopefully their arms dont fall off
Colt 45s: Not with Nolan's magic touch!
Drew P. Wiener: Man, I wish he would touch me