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Astros Drop Back To Even With 8-2 Loss To Mets


Someone in our game thread mentioned that the Astros seem to struggle when we get a video broadcast of their Spring Training games. They're 2-4 when games are broadcast on TV. Maybe that's a good thing, so we can prepare for what's sure to be a rough season.


What offense? For five innings the Astros were no-hit by the knuckleballer R.A. Dickey. Overall the Astros managed three hits and three walks in this game. Two of which came from Justin Ruggiano. One of the walks came from Jose Altuve which is good to see. Not a very good showing.


Wandy Rodrgiuez continued to struggle with 3.2 innings and two earned runs allowed on six hits and five walks. Four runs scored with Rodriguez on the mound, but that was partly due to a Jimmy Paredes fielding error at third basein the fourth inning. Rhiner Cruz the struggling rule five selection pitched a perfect 1.1 innings. Brett Myers followed with a perfect inning of his own. Sergio Escalona ran into some trouble in the seventh inning allowing three earned runs on four hits, four runs scored total in .1 innings. The extra run was partly produced by another fielding error at third base, this time by Scott Moore. Henry Sosa relieved Escalona and pitched a shutout 1.2 innings.

It's easy to blame some of the pitching woes on the defense but the pitching just wasn't that great, but lets not jump to conclusions. Escalona had been pitching good up to this point and Wandy has always struggled in Spring Training.


Three errors on the day. We've already discussed the first two. The third one was curtsy of Carlos Lee who missed catching a ball from Paredes. The only other thing I found noteworthy on the defense was Fernando Martinez's arm in left which seemed to keep runners on second from scoring. Of course that could of also been the result of how quick the balls hit were reaching him. Either way he should of a strong accurate arm and the ability to hit the cutoff man.


12:05 p.m. CST vs Washington Nationals. Radio: KBME 790.