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Fantasy Crawfish Boxes Update 1

Last night I participated in my first Fantasy Baseball draft, and for those of you who are as addicted as I am, this was my superbowl. In the next week, we will be holding drafts for all three of the Crawfish Boxes Fantasy Leagues, so it is high time for my first weekly blurb on the topic.

WE HAVE ONE OPENING IN LEAGUE 1 AND ONE IN LEAGUE 3 - First come, first serve.

Yahoo League ID: 15011
Password: biggio

Yahoo League ID: 83815
Password: biggio

First off, a few draft date and time reminders. Log into Yahoo and enter the draft room about 20 minutes before the times below. You might want to test your systems.

The Crawfish Boxes (League 1): Friday, March 30 at 7:30 pm Central
TCB Baseball Madness (League 2): Monday, March 26 at 7:30 pm Central
Boxes O' Crawfish
(League 3): Monday, March 26 at 7:30 Central (I hope I can bilocate and do two drafts at once)
Crawfish Boxes (Official Unofficial League 4): Sunday, March 25 at 7:00 Central.

Now for the fun stuff. The drafts will be in random order (snake style), with two exceptions:

  • I will be picking last in Leagues 1-3, because the readers of TCB are way cooler than me.
  • The Manager with my favorite team name in League 1-3 will get the first pick.

So here are my favorite team names, and the recipient of the first pick in the draft:

The Crawfish Boxes: Jellystone Berras - my other favorite was "The Ed Wade Project", but any time you can mix baseball and cartoons is a good thing in my book.

TCB Baseball Madness: Killer Steve - There's something about the incongruity of placing the word "killer" in front of a suburban name like Steve that makes me laugh. It also immediately conjured up an image of everybody's favorite cartoon thingamajig, "Eh, Steve". Frankly, the other Managers didn't leave me a lot to choose from. A few amusing but inappropriate ones. I guess my 2nd favorite was "The Beers." I like beer.

Boxes O' Crawfish: Astros don't suck - the innocent optimism from this manager's name choice gave him the nod over a few other worthy competitors, like "DEREK Ring My BELL", and "2014 or bust!"

Crawfish Boxes: Freemason Baseman - sadly, I don't wield the power to award this manager a first overall pick because I am not the commissioner of this league, but this was my favorite for its alliterative charm. This league has the best team names, and includes "Jose Lima Beans", "We Like Some Beers", and the ever-popular "FatChicks Try Harder."

Looking forward to a fun season.