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TCB Podcast Episode 33

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In this episode Sean Feist, Brooks Parker, James Yasko from Astros County and myself discuss:

  • Fries
  • Astros new slogan
  • The Astros Spring Training record and who's up and who's down
  • The cut lists
  • Tim's trip to Osceola County Stadium's backfields

My apologizes in advance for this podcast just all sorts of issue, the first being the recording time which was a little too late. So the flow of the podcast is not ideal and I was also having connection issues so I was cutting in and out through out the recording.

The last fifteen minutes of the podcast was me talking about my trip to the workouts on Saturday with the Astros Major League team in Tampa Bay taking on the Yankees. When the Astros are away the backfields at Osceola County Stadium are open to fans to come and watch the players work out. It was a very interesting experience to say the least, especially when you have someone like Craig Biggio roaming around the fields. I'll have my first post up today chronicling my trip to Florida with posts to follow, through-out the week, that include pictures and video.


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