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Super Sunday Links 11 March 2012

Getty Images

While conroestro was taking a look at the Astros start pitching I was putting together this database of links for your viewing pleasure.


By making veteran starter Brett Myers their closer for 2012, the Astros create an opportunity for a younger pitcher to emerge | News
By Anthony Castrovince

Baseball To Retire Craig Biggio's #44 -
Go for the pictures of the teen Biggio (dude did not age) stay for the kind words about quite possibly the greatest Astro of all time. Also note the date when he will be inducted. My money is on that not being a coincidence.

Top 15 Prospects: Houston Astros | FanGraphs Baseball
The key word here is raw.

The 10 best things about being an Astros fan | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
By James Yasko of Astros County

Dear Diary: photos on Twitter are boring, and we’re not going to take it anymore. " Alyson's Footnotes
Love this.

2012 Pod Hitter Projections: Jose Altuve | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
By Mike Podhorzer

The Secret Lair: Spend Earth Day at the Ballpark with Aluminum Can Music Man

The Draft

2012 Baseball Mock Draft - Minor League Ball
Matt Garrioch and John Sickels

2012 College Baseball Prospect Notes: 3-5-12 - Minor League Ball
by Matt Garrioch


Positional Power Rankings: Catcher | FanGraphs Baseball
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with where the Astros end up.

Positional Power Rankings: First Base | FanGraphs Baseball
Not at the bottom again.

Positional Power Rankings: Second Base | FanGraphs Baseball
A nice spot for the Astros second base situation.

Positional Power Rankings: Shortstop | FanGraphs Baseball
Jed Lowrie and Marwin Gonzalez (Rule 5 selection) are pegged as the shortstops for the Astros.

Positional Power Rankings: Third Base | FanGraphs Baseball
Not last, but not 28th either.

Positional Power Rankings: Center Field | FanGraphs Baseball
The Astros are dead last here. Interesting enough the reserve projects to have a better WAR than the starter. Michael Bourn checks in at number 8.

Positional Power Rankings: Right Field | FanGraphs Baseball
Not pretty.

Positional Power Rankings: Starting Pitchers, 16-30 | FanGraphs Baseball
This is becoming a theme. We're not last again!

Off The Beaten Path

The Platoon Advantage: Fives Are Wild
Digging into the new playoff format.

Social Media Expansion: Teams Get in the Game | FanGraphs Baseball
The Astros, Indians and Giants get recognized as forward thinking organizations in the new media realm.

Joe Blogs: Kucinich and the DH
By Joe Posnanski

Z-Scores and Pitch IQ Scores
Brooks baseball is becoming the go to for pitch information. Mike Fast the Pitch/fx guru of the Astros has promoted it. In this article Dan Brooks describes some of the things they're doing at Brooks Baseball.