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TCB Fantasy Baseball Almost Open For Business

Several weeks ago, I approached David and Tim about managing Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Leagues for the readers of The Crawfish Boxes. I say approached only in the metaphorical sense, as the conversation was facilitated by the wondrous technology of electronic mail, but the end result was the same. I was aware that TCB had operated fantasy baseball leagues in the past, and thought to myself, "I just gotta get in on that."

So after I dutifully volunteered, they gave me the go-ahead.

So imagine how smug I felt upon logging into the virtual writers desk provided by SB Nation and saw at the top that there was an ongoing campaign between Yahoo and SB Nation to initiate just such Fantasy Leagues! Clicking the "Edit" button, I was greeted with the following:

---------THIS IS THE POST SCRIPT----------

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball supports SBNation for its commitment to furthering America’s hardball obsession. As the #1 Fantasy Baseball game, players can count on Yahoo! to provide all the research, stats, live scoring, video highlights, and mobile apps to make this season the best yet. Game opens 2/9/12 – Sign up!!!

Because I'm contrarian, I decided to not make the blurb a post script, but rather an integral part of my unnecessarily long lead-in to this post.

Cutting to the chase, we would like to invite you join the TCB Fantasy Baseball League when it opens.

I will follow up with more information once the league is set up.

Ed. note: Now for the nitty gritty of this post. The gist is, we like Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball. I use it almost exclusively and recommend it to any of you trying to start a new league, for a lot of the reasons listed below.

  • Yahoo! Sports is the leading fantasy provider and home to the #1 Fantasy Baseball game available – all for free! It brings fans closer to the game and players they love with free live scoring, mock drafts, mobile apps, over 80 scoring categories, live and offline draft apps, and tools to manage your keeper league.
  • Yahoo! Sports now offers the fantasy fanatic an even more competitive way to play, Pro Leagues are here! Join a Pro League for $20 or $100 and compete to win cash prizes. For those who dare to put some skin in the game.
  • Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball '12 is easy and fun to play for the rookie or veteran fantasy user.
  • Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball provides fans with top-notch information, resources, and expert advice.
  • Yahoo! Sports provides pre-draft advice clips to help you draft the best team possible. Fantasy advice is also available throughout the season with bi-weekly video clips and weekly radio coverage on the Fantasy Freaks (every Friday 8pm-10pm ET).
  • Fantasy baseball is the original social network, it is the way friends stayed connected over America’s pastime no matter where they were, Yahoo! Sports continues the tradition by letting fans talk smack talk, check'in, and chat on newly launched message boards.
  • Game opens 2/7/12 – get ready to play ball!