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Super Super Sunday Links 5 Feb 2012

Getty Images

While Clack was educating us on the possibility of Chris Johnson returning to form I was putting together these delightful links for your viewing pleasure.


What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with Adrian Houser
More interviews!

What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes talks about his experience in Australia.

The Grand Old Game: Player Interview: Brandon Culbreth, RHP, Houston Astros (MiLB)
A very good interview in which Clubreth discusses his draft day and what got him to that day.

Astros Stuff

Analyze this: Houston Astros' Sig Mejdal takes on unique role | News
An interesting look at Sig Mejdal.

Hometown ties add motivation to Cosart
By David Dalati

Houston Astros Complete Organizational Chart - MLB Daily Dish
A complete, live chart of the Astros organization -- leadership, rosters, salaries, arbitration and options, as well as prospect rankings.

Other Stuff

Bryce Harper, Opening Day Starter? | FanGraphs Baseball
This is probably something we as Astro fans should keep in mind.

Joe Blogs: A Chain Experiment
An interesting experiment by the Poz.

Stress and Anxiety in Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball
By Jim Breen