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TCB Podcast Episode 29

TCB Podcast EP 15
TCB Podcast EP 15

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums.

In this episode Sean Feist, Terri Schlather from Tales From The Juice Box, Jayne Hansen from What The Heck, Bobby and myself discuss:

  • Vampires, Abba and Harry and the Hendersons (no really)
  • Inside the season ticket holder meetings
  • Fan initiatives
  • The recent signings and hirings
  • Roy Oswalts chances of signing before this podcast releases and whether or not he signs with the Astros.

Big thanks to Terri and Jayne for joining us and giving us the inside scoop on what transpired at the season ticket holder meetings they each attended. We got side tracked a bit but that's par for the course with this podcast.

With the season inching closer and closer we're getting ready to ramp the podcast back up to a weekly release and I wanted to try and get some feedback this month in regards to the production of the podcast. Is intro music and sound effects something you'd like to see us use more?

I've stayed away from adding intro and outro music one because I haven't found the right music yet and two I don't think the podcast necessarily needs it. The more music I have the less time we have to talk baseball, which may actually be a good thing. Sound effects I've added in post production when I felt it was necessary but some podcasts will use it during a podcast. I've often found those uses clunky and unnecessary.

I'd love any feedback on the use or non-use of sound in our podcasts.

Also for next week, per David, we'll be discussing nicknames so if you have any suggestions for any player on the team leave them below and we'll discuss them in the next podcast.


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If you have any comments or questions in regards to the podcast you can email the show at If you have a question please be sure to include your name and where you're from. Also big thanks to those of you that have rated us on iTunes we appreciate the feedback.