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Astros Rule 5 Draft Wrap Up

The Astros drafted four players across two levels in the Rule 5 Draft. The most interesting player is the potential designated hitter candidate.

Major League Phase

Round 1:

Rule 5 Draft: Houston Astros Select Josh Fields RHP - The Crawfish Boxes

Round 2:

Rule 5 Draft: Houston Astros Select Nate Freiman First Basemen - The Crawfish Boxes

Minor League Phase

Triple A Phase

Round 1:

Michael Burgess - Former 2007 1st round pick out of the Chicago Cubs farm system. He's a 24 year old left handed hitting outfielder, who spent all of last year at the Cubs AA level. He hit .259/.350/.422 in 332 plate appearances.

Round 2:

Cameron Lamb - Started his pro career with the San Francisco Giants at the age of 18 in 2007 our of Australia. In his 23 age season between rookie and low a ball he pitched 25.2 innings and posted a 2.10 ERA.

The Astros passed on all their picks in the double A phase of the draft.

The talk right now is Nate Freiman because he came out of no where as an Astros selection and he's a much more interesting case than Josh Fields.

The most positive news on top of getting these four players is that the Astros did not lose anyone out of there system. Some were worried that Marc Krauss and/or Jason Stoffel might be selected but it appears teams decided to pass on those two players which means Jeff Luhnow has brilliantly navigated yet another draft.

As reminder we will be doing a live special podcast Friday December 7, 2012, at 7 p.m. CT here on our site to discuss all the things that happened during the Winter Meetings.