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Winter Meetings Final Day Open Thread - Houston Astros

Winter Meetings and Rule 5 coverage plus links to all of TCB's coverage of the transactions this past week and some great discussion with your fellow Astros fans.

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We will be doing a live TCB Astros Afterburners podcast Friday evening December 7, 2012, at 7PM CT, discussing the Wilton Lopez trade, Rule 5 selection and anything that happens today. Along for the ride will be Greg Stanwood from Purple Row, SB Nations Colorado Rockies blog. We'll get his take on the trade, Wilton Lopez, Alex White and Alex Gillingham.

We may also have a live podcast shortly after the Rule 5 Draft has been completed to discuss the selections and possible moves the Astros made. Word out of Nashville is that the Astros are expected to select two players in the Rule 5 draft. Could one of them be the player to be named later in the Lopez Deal? Stay tuned to find out.

Draft starts at 9 a.m. CT

The live stream for the Rule 5 Draft can be found here: Hot Stove | LIVE: Rule 5 Draft - Video | Multimedia
Rule 5 Draft Live Stream

2012 Rule 5 Draft results | News
Updated Article for Rule 5 selections, in case you can't listen to the audio feed.

Along with that here are some links previewing the Rule 5 draft:

A Look at the Top Names The Astros Could Select in the Upcoming Rule 5 Draft - The Crawfish Boxes
By kyuss94

2012 MLB Rule 5 Draft Begins at 10 AM EST - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

Winter Meetings Stream and Article Links:

The Nashville Winter Meetings - Houston Astros - The Crawfish Boxes

MLB Winter Meetings Day 1 Recap - The Crawfish Boxes
By David Coleman

MLB Winter Meetings Day 2 Recap - The Crawfish Boxes
By David Coleman

Wilton Lopez Traded To Colorado For Alex White, Alex Gillingham - The Crawfish Boxes
By David Coleman


TCB Podcast Episode 65 - Pre-Winter Meetings Edition - The Crawfish Boxes
By Timothy De Block