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My Baseball Resolution For 2013

My baseball resolution is to improve my analysis of baseball players.

Mark Hirsch

I'm usually not the type of person that does New Years resolutions. When I make resolutions I tend to not follow through with them so this years resolution is embedded with an extra resolution layer. I'm also not making just one resolution I'm making two: one baseball resolution and one non-baseball resolution.

My baseball resolution is to learn how to scout players. I want to better understand the mechanics of pitchers, the swings of hitters and the fundamentals of defenders. I understand a few concepts in regards to scouting players, but I want to improve it further. I've grown tired of looking at a hitter and not being able to recognize a hitch from a hole in a swing, or a pitcher who throws across his body, or a defender with quick feet and soft hands. I have an idea of what these labels mean but I want to better understand them. I'm hoping this will improve my analysis and my writing.

Accomplishing this resolution will be no small task, but I'm up for it and it is something I'm passionate about. My other resolution is probably even more challenging, learn to play the guitar and learn it well enough that I can perform on stage with a band.

What's your New Years resolution, baseball related or not?